Strangers in Paradise 04.05.16 RoyaL Fia (TLV-BLN) feat’ Dorothea & the planetsStrangers in paradise“. After “All around” the kinky tribal mix from her second album, now comes this new uplifting dance version,inspired by the legendery Stock aitken waterman, here is a happy summery hit that will definitely make you dance! “Strangers in paradise” written & composed by Dorothea Breil.

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think about coverfinal 11.11.2015 First release under the European Label “Sorry Shoes”, came out the new Original “I think about” .  This song was written and composed by Roy Alfia and for the first time with his real voice. The track is in Nu-Disco – Deep House style, while the lyrics are telling a deep personal story. Recorded in Berlin autumn 2015. iTunes        Google Play        Amazon    






PicsArt_1433277800795 The “Make a wish foundation” and the “Evita” dance bar in Tel Aviv, produced a special music compilation to help raise money for special children.. RoyaL FIa donated 2 songs for this cause in hope of making these children’s wishes come true. Song number 4 “What do you want from me” an Original performed by E-dit, written & composed by RoyaL Fia (Roy Alfia). Song number 10 “It’s gonna be alright” a cover remix performed by Carmi, written & composed by S.Jefferies,M.Heilbronn,M.Delgado and L.Powell The “Make a wish Foundation””        





PicsArt_1433276890400 “Maximum Dance 2005” Among all the big names in the music industry like: Maroon 5, Dido, Usher, Avril Lavigne and many more.. there’s another production from RoyaL Fia in association with DJ Danny T to the Big 90’s hit “ITS GONNA BE ALRIGHT” (track 9) Originally performed by DEEP ZONE. The vocals by Carmi Shimron, lead resident singer from the fa TV Celebrity show, “Dancing with the stars”. The cover remix was a very big success in the club scene of Tel Aviv and made its way to big parties in London and Madrid.        





PicsArt_1433279706379   Later on, the remix “It’s gonna B alright” got a Dub mix that made us dance even when it was already morning.. The track was signed and published on a CD in summer of 2005 by the label company – Hed Arzi (NMC)            







PicsArt_1433279358266The song “Gave U my love” was written,composed and produced by RoyaL Fia and performed by Miss K-Long, the Drag resident of the most popular gay party in Tel Aviv, The FFF (owned by S.Shirazi) which in these days taking place in the famous club “HAOMAN 17”          





PicsArt_1433279462896 After the success of “It’s gonna B alright” it was time to try a new Original, written and composed by RoyaL Fia, the song “FALLIN'” was created. “Everytime I think of you, I feel like i’m falling – What was I supposed to do, you said you were sorry..” The song was inspired by stories of  battered women and men, facing the fear that rules their lives. Vocals by the lovely Carmi Shimron. The song almost got signed with a Dutch label but the deal was off because of disputes. The Original was produced as Rock house genre,Later, in 2010 the song was remixed to house progressive but was not published.  




PicsArt_1433279266646 We wanted to create a Big n’ Fun club hit.. To do that we got inspired by Donna Summer’s “I feel love” and Michael Jackson’s “liberian girl” Only to remix Boy George’s “Crying Game”! The result was amazing! Fantastic Vocals by Miss Oshri and crazy Tabla and percussion gave us a Happy Tribal club HIT. The track was launched in the Stylish club VOX (part of the famous mega club PLEASURE DOME) in Tel Aviv The song got one happy tribal remix and one hyper “dub dub” mix for the hardcore clubbers..    




PicsArt_1433279152820“Lollipop” started it all… in the year 1998. It began as a fun track with provocative lyrics and cool beat, got to one of the most well known bars in Tel Aviv “Chaps” and became a Hit by the same night! The song is light, fun and with a summery samba beats followed by Pizzicato that was very popular then. Many people considered the voice in the song to belong to Dana International (“Diva” eurovision 98 winner) when it was actually Roy’s voice as his persona that go by the name “Riva Loution” (Dr.Pussy) The song was the intro tune to a Radio show in Jerusalem for more then 2 years named “Cochav Noga” and was played in dozens of clubs and bars all over Israel. the song is mentioned as the Gay Anthem of israel many times, got to the news papers and was being performed by many of the best drag queens in Tel Aviv. After all that time (since 1998) The song is still being played in pride parades and gay parties. Words from the song became the local slang among the gay community in Israel, and an amature video clip was made for it a few years later, showing the cool places in TLV including the Mega club, Pleasure Dome. “Lollipop”  ( סוכריה על מקל ) was Written, composed, produced and performed by Roy Alfia. After this song came a few similars like: “House wife” ( אל תדבר אליי כמו אל מטומטמת ) , “I love cafe” ( אני אוהבת קפה ) , “Sharmuta” ( שרמוטה ) But non reached the level of success of “Lollipop”.  

Bonnie Total Eclipse Of The Heart by the amazing Bonnie Tyler in a Happy Tribal remix to her giant hit from the 80’s. This Bootleg project reached many clicks, views and Likes on the very famous Online professionals music platform SoundCloud and social media. The remix was even sent to Bonnie herself as a Homage and was posted in her fan page on Facebook. A happy tribal track with samba influence made this hit a great club uplifter, and you guys enjoy jumping to it 🙂                                     





51QOpa-uOoL._SL250_ “Cover Girl” is the first single from Rupaul’s album Champion. It was released to iTunes February 3, 2009 as part of an EP  titled Cover Girl – The RuMixes. It was premiered as a promotional video which included footage from Rupaul’s Drag Race, a reality TV Show formatted similar to America’s Next Top Model. (Taken from Wikipedia). Written and Composed by RuPaul Charles  and Lucian Paine. This Bootleg Remix, cached RuPaul’s attention on SoundCloud and got a typical cheerful reply from the queen of Glam: “Werk!! SICKENING MIX!!” We love you Ru, xoxo. Screenshot 2015-06-06 15.47.14          





b9ad5c31-cd16-4169-92e3-6f3292e8219c_titleGareth Emery’s  “Eye of the storm”  This Bootleg remix was specially created to enter a contest hosted by the famous RemixComps website. We got far enough to receive many loving feedbacks and Likes. The remix is a combination of Trance music elements and House music with a Dramatic Orchestra. Written and Composed by Roxxane Emery, Gareth Eemery.      

10585216_10152583361478930_1012755780_nCimmone Ferry’s “While You’re Sleeping” This Bootleg remix was created in a project of the TalentHouse website for international talents to create their own production to this enchanted song, Written and Composed by Cimmone Ferry. This remix is a dark tribal house production with metallic percussion and a deep underground feel base line.  

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