LOLLIPOP – Official release!


LOLLIPOP (סוכריה על מקל) Official release:

New remix for 2020,

and a Re-mastered original.


The song was first introduced in Tel Aviv 1998 as a fun tribute to the gay scene, in one of the underground dance bars then.

It became a hit very quick as everyone was quoting the song’s lyrics daily, singing & dancing to it in clubs

crowning it as the gay anthem of that time for many years. 

In that time, being gay was not yet as open as it is today, in the LGBT community one had to use ‘codes’ in order to identify another (gay/gay friendly),

some used the lyrics to LOLLIPOP .

Since the song is still in discussion today, I have decided to bring it up to date in high quality and release it officially.


*Dedicated with lots of love to my LGBT family 🏳️‍🌈❤️




Written/composed/produced by RoyaL Fia

Vocals by Roy Alfia

Graphic artwork by Christian Breil