Made in Tel Aviv & Based in Berlin, Roy Alfia aka RoyaL Fia is a Music producer, composer and vocalist.

Roy Alfia became an LGBT icon in Israel when he presented his first song ‘LOLLIPOP’ in 1998. The song was played in every club/bar and The Pride Parades, made it to the radio, television and even became the intro tune of the #1 LGBT radio show from Jerusalem ‘Planet Noga’. The song was officially released in 2020.

After Roy Alfia already made his reputation in Tel-Aviv’s night scene, working with DJs and performers, he became an integral part of the TLV’s Soundtrack. The Make A Wish Foundation issued an album release featuring known Israeli DJs & Producers such as Offer Nissim, Henree and many more, to raise funds for children with terminal diseases. RoyaL Fia was featured in this album with 2 songs.

Since 2015 living in Berlin, Roy Alfia is now producing songs not only in English & Hebrew, but also in German, Italian & Spanish. Roy managed to create a buzz and became “the talk of the day” as he initiated a calling to Germany’s biggest star Herbert Grönemeyer, in a very unusual way. His campaign made Roy Alfia known not only in the streets of Berlin, but also wide across the media world – from the biggest newspapers and magazines to radio and TV.

Roy und seine Plakate

Sa 26.02.2022 | 19:30 | Abendschau

Seit Monaten tauchen Plakate in Berlin auf – sie richten sich an Herbert Grönemeyer. Der Mann, der dahintersteckt, heißt Roy und schreibt Lieder. Sein neues Werk, so ist er überzeugt, sollte nur von Grönemeyer gesungen werden. Wir haben ihn getroffen.

Beitrag von Marcel Trocoli Castro



Aus der RBB Abendschau, Dez. 2022

Sa 03.12.2022 | 19:30 | rbb24 Abendschau | Beitrag von Marcel Trocoli Castro

Wenn das Leben dir keine Chance gibt,

schaffe sie dir selbst.

Roy Alfia / RoyaL Fia